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Creating Change In Your Life

Creating change is about finding the right strategy that works for you. Creating change in your life may require combining different approaches and strategies. A method or technique that brings success for one person may not work for another. The key is learning about yourself, and what works for you so you can use that to your advantage and achieve your goals.

Guide to Change is a website dedicated to providing a variety of strategies for creating change across any facet of life to allow you to find your way to a solution that works for you. Fascination with how the mind works led to the creation of this site. That personal yearning to always be better, do better, be more. Achieve. Find success. Through many years of trial, failure, more trial, more failure, and eventual triumph on occasion, here is a basic outline that can help you in creating the change you want in life:

Isolate your goal: Simplify what you want to achieve, and choose only one goal. Trying to change too many things at the same time can make it hard to achieve a single goal. Creating change requires dedication and discipline, personal traits that are not always readily at hand, especially in a world dedicated to giving us instant gratification.

Research your goal: Once you’ve chosen your goal, research the issue and arm yourself with knowledge. The more you understand the problem and root cause you’re trying to solve and change, the easier it is to approach your goal confidently. And the more resources you will have at your disposal.

Create your strategy: Create a plan for achieving your goal. Now that you’ve completed your research with a greater understanding of the change you are trying to make, next, identify the steps and actions you will take to make your change a reality. Not only should you make a list, but establish a timeline and establish how you want to measure success. Be willing to adjust your strategy if whatever method you’ve chosen isn’t working for you. Again, sometimes it’s just a matter of finding what works for you.

Find a support network: Having support goes a long way. Support can come from your friends or family, or it can be a group dedicated to creating the exact change you are trying to make. Sometimes, those closest to us may not want us to change or may not approach your goal with the same dedication or optimism you’re hoping for. Whatever you do, don’t let someone else’s negativity discourage you or persuade you to quit or give up. It just means you have yet to find the right person or group. Keep looking until you have a truly supportive network of people rooting for your success.

Take action: Creating change requires taking action and executing your plan. Follow the steps you’ve developed for yourself. Remember that if you fall behind on your plan, miss a day, or make a mistake, it’s ok! It’s never too late to get back on track. Starting small is better than not starting at all. Dedicating 15 minutes a day can result in almost 2 hours per week. As you work through achieving your goal, you may find some things work better than others. The better you know yourself, be easier it is to focus on taking actions that work for you.

Measure progress: Take the time to measure your progress. In the planning phase, you would have chosen how you would measure your success. It’s important to acknowledge all forms of progress, as it is easy to establish targets that are either too aggressive or unrealistic. Any progress is good progress. 

Don’t give up: Creating change can be hard. Often times we are battling against lifelong habits. Different resources will tell you different timeframes for how long it takes to create a new habit. Some say it’s just 21 days. If you’re truly committed to the change you’re trying to create, be willing to commit to 90 days. The longer you persist and persevere, the greater your likelihood of being successful. It takes time to create change. If you miss a day because life took over, start the next day. Baby steps are better than no steps. Don’t give up. Don’t let others discourage you. Take a stand, and make your change. 

Remember that creating change is a process, and it often requires persistence, hard work, and dedication. Change starts with you, so create and make the positive change you want to see in the world. You got this!

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