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Do you offer coaching services to help people make positive changes in their life? Applying to become a life coach on Guide to Change is a two part process, as you also become a vendor on our site!

We charge a small vendor fee of 5% for any sale on our site (in your native currency), with no monthly or annual subscription fees.

If you have a course you would like to integrate on our site, we have a one time integration fee per course.

Coaching Dashboard

  • Create cohorts and view and monitor client progress
  • Message your cohorts and clients directly in platform
  • Create habits and milestones for your clients so they can track their progress
  • Add your Calendly or Google calendar, allowing clients to schedule 1:1 sessions based on your availability.
  • Partner with us to create and integrate online courses into your coaching program

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Coaching Application

Please provide a list of all coaching topics
Someone from our team will reach out within 24-48 hours to discuss your application further.
Does your business help others?

Becoming a Vendor

Once approved as a coach, you must become a vendor to add your coaching services (and products if applicable) to sell in our shop. To confirm, we charge a small vendor fee of 5% of the total order available in your native currency (including shipping and gift wrap, if applicable). Our goal is to make it easy for small business owners to create an online shop and presence without all the costs of setting up a site, where you keep the majority of the profits, without additional monthly fees.

On the vendor registration page, simply select “I am a vendor” and complete the extended form details. It takes 24-48 hours for our team to review and approve vendor applications, but once approved as a coach, our support team will already be working with you to get you up and running ASAP.

Shop Presence

Your New Shop Storefront

Once approved, you’ll be able to upload your logo and a cover image, and create your own store presence. Your shop will then join the other approved vendors in our community.

The coding has already been done, and your registration information helps to set up your new online shop. You can add your social profile links, and customers can view and filter your individual products.

We make it easy for you

Track Your Sales and Orders

Our vendor dashboard makes it easy for you monitor your sales and earnings, track your orders, add or update your products, create reports, customize your store settings, as well as review and approve your customer reviews.

We also have a feature that allows you to create your own coupons to encourage new customers to buy, and add staff members to help you manage your account securely!

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I’m so happy with Guide to Change! The online course for mindset helped me finally overcome the blocks on making personal progress. Thanks!
Sean Walsh
London, UK
It's a miracle to discover a company designed to help everyday people. There's something for everyone looking to improve their life.
Astrid S.
Natick, MA
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