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Guide to Change, a Change Your Life, Inc. company, has a simple but pure mission. Our purpose is help people in the global community rise up, heal, create positive life changes, and find joy and fulfillment.

Awakening the Higher Self

My Guide to Change Journey


Hopefully, you are fellow seekers of transformation.
I am Christina Snell, the heart and soul behind Guide to Change. My journey, though wrought with challenges, has led me to a place of profound understanding and purpose.
Let me share a glimpse of how it all began.

Born into the embrace of my grandparents and raised on a humble farm in Vermont, my early years were marked by adversity and a longing for belonging. Striving to fit in, I started working at the young age of 11, determined to carve a path different from the one laid out before me. Amidst the hand-me-downs and the isolation of rural life, I made a solemn vow to break the cycle of hardship and forge a life of dignity, authenticity, and purpose.

Christina Snell, Founder and CEO, Change Your Life, Inc.
Christina Snell, Founder and CEO, Change Your Life, Inc.
Change Your Life - Guide to Change
Embracing Transformation

Overcoming Adversity

My journey has been a tapestry woven with threads of poverty, cruelty, and abandonment, yet also colored by love, joy, and abundance. From homelessness to heartbreak, each trial has been a teacher, guiding me towards growth and resilience. I refuse to be defined by my past; instead, I choose to extract wisdom from every experience and transmute pain into purpose.

We're Listening and Here to Help

The Birth of Guide to Change

Guide to Change is more than a project; it is a beacon of hope and transformation. Though years in the making, it has finally taken flight in 2024, propelled by a vision to empower individuals across all facets of life. Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide resources and support tailored to each person’s unique journey towards a life of fulfillment and joy.

As we embark on this collective odyssey of self-discovery, I invite you to join us. Together, let us rise from the ashes and embrace the boundless potential within us. Your feedback and suggestions are not only welcome but integral to our shared evolution. Reach out to us, and let us walk this path of transformation together.

With gratitude and anticipation,
Christina Snell
Founder, Guide to Change

Transform Your Life - Guide to Change
I’m so happy with Guide to Change! The online course for mindset helped me finally overcome the blocks on making personal progress. Thanks!
Sean Walsh
London, UK
It's a miracle to discover a company designed to help everyday people. There's something for everyone looking to improve their life.
Astrid S.
Natick, MA
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